Looking for some Pro & Productive Collaboration to restore my Equipment

collaboration 3

I like working with people and companies who share with me the same idea of adventure and love for it.

I live traveling and I do not plan to stop it for the next 6 to 10 years, discovering, traveling and sharing some of the most difficult and adventurous roads in the world is my goal. Become an ambassador of your brand will give an enormous boost of visibility to both of us as in Italy like abroad, and more, through my istagram page and my stories, my reviews, my Facebook posts and my articles, the success of our collaboration is guaranteed.

To date I maintain an efficient contact with my followers on various social platforms including Istagram( with more than 9500 followers), facebook (with more than 6000) and my blog.

But what can I offer besides some numbers:

A thorough review of your product: thanks to it our users will have a quick overview of the evaluation of your product on different aspects and that will be published and re-shared on facebook and on my personal blog. Users will receive an opinion of confidence on how your product is synonymous of adventure, what makes it great and why they absolutely need to buy it.

Tag and hastag  on all my post istagram and facebook and presence in the stories and videos.

Video review, unboxing – mounting – use on the street.

Written review with related photos and videos.

Images and videos of your product in real action. Professional Hi-Res photos and videos to share on your Social channels, use in product catalogs or anything else you want to do with them.

Naturally, the equipment will be tested in hundreds of different scenarios, rain, desert, falls, fords, transport etc and, through a targeted use, it will be possible to share with you my ideas on possible improvements and updates (if any), to ensure that your  brand always remains at the top of adventure trailers.


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